My Diet That Helped Me Lose 20 Pounds

diet plan / meal plan

diet plan / meal plan

I started my fitness journey a little over 4 months, April 10th to be exact.  Since then I have lost 20 pounds and 6% body fat.  But more importantly I feel so much healthier, I have a lot more energy and a clearer mind.

So here is my diet.  I don’t like to think of it as a diet, rather a healthy lifestyle:

2-3 eggs, plain with nothing on them
Handful of berries, I like blueberries & strawberries
1/4 cup oatmeal, plain (optional)

Meal 1
4 oz chicken
Spinach or Kale
1 Tbs of salad dressing (make the sure the ingredients are good with no sugar)

Meal 2
Fish, I like Salmon, or Chicken
Asparagus or Cauliflower
1/4 cup brown rice, every other day (optional)

Meal 3
Steak (2x a week) or Chicken
Green Beans or Salad
1/2 Sweet Potato, every other day (optional)

Post Work-Out Smoothie
1 Banana
Scoop of Protein
Water & Ice

This is a very trim protein shake.  If you want to add more ingredients or flavor you can add cinnamon, organic cocoa powder, a couple drops of honey, almond butter, strawberries, almond milk.

Handful of Raw Almonds or Raw Cashews
Apple, Berries
1/4 Avocado (I put this with one of my meals)
Drink a gallon of water a day

As you can see from this diet it’s lots of lean protein with veggies, very little carb, no sugar.  I like to meal prep ahead of time and have all my chicken cooked and ready to eat in the fridge.  This is much easier when it’s time to eat.

The biggest thing for me is to focus on what I can eat, not on what I can’t eat.  I stay focused on my goal and all the healthy foods I get to eat.  Eating healthy makes me feel so much better, I have a clearer mind and tons of energy.  This is motivation enough to eat healthy.

When I’m trying to lose weight I follow this diet 100% and do not cheat at all.  If I’m maintaining my body I follow it 80%-90% of the time.  I have a few cheats here and there, but most of the time I am making healthy food choices.

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  1. Hey Rachel! Does this diet work for everyone? Did you combine it with exercise? and also, how do you synchronize the time that you eat with the time that you exercise? What kind of exercises you used to do?

    1. I typically eat breakfast, then work out. Then protein shake, then the rest of my meals. I work out 4-5 days a week. I will be posting my workout routine soon. Yes, I do think this diet will work for anyone.

  2. where do you buy the pruvit pure therapeutic ketones (swiss cacao) that you showed on snap chat? thanks for the motivation! you look amazing :)

  3. Hi Rachel, thank you so much for this. I’m gping to try and follow this xx you look so good

  4. Awesome! Thanks for the input. Working on my fitness journey as well, so I love to hear about others’. :) your look fabulous!

  5. Love this and you look fabulous! Could you incorporate what you did for work outs as well! Love your blog!!

  6. You look amazing in BOTH pictures, Rachel! Do you use any seasonings when cooking your proteins, or do you cook them plain? Also, do you cook your proteins in an oven or in a pan? For the eggs, do you hard-boil them or scramble(or does it matter)? One last question :) I noticed you don’t have measurements listed for your veggies, are veggies unlimited? Thanks so much!!xxx

    1. I grill my chicken plain. The fish I bake in the oven with sine lemon or lime squeezed on top. The eggs, it doesn’t matter how you cook them. I don’t add anything to mine at all, just plain. I don’t measure my veggies. I take a good amount on my plate, if I want more I eat more.

  7. You look great!! Thanks for posting this :) makes me so excited to start a healthy lifestyle journey as well. Quick question – you eat this exact diet every day? The breakfast and all three of those meals? Or do you eat breakfast and choose 2 of the 3 for lunch and dinner?

  8. Hello Rachel!
    Congrats on the progress!

    Just want a bit of clarification, is it 3 meals per day? Of so how often? Or are these just 3 meals you would have every other day?

    Also, what did your workout consist of?

    Thank you!

  9. You are always beautiful. However congratulations on your journey, there is nothing better than feeling healthy & strong. Would you share your start & finish weight, height and measuments?. No problem if not. It’s just always interesting to me.

  10. You look amazing! The “diet” plan seems SO easy that it makes me feel motivated to get in shape and feel happy about he way I look again. Thank you so much for this post, it’s super helpful and encouraging to see. You are beautiful and I’m glad you are feeling healthier with this diet plan. I will try my best to get on this + working out. Can you please share more photos of your meals on Snapchat…I follow you there too. ????????????????

    1. It is very simple, that’s why I love it! I’m so busy I don’t have time to think about my meals and what I’m eating. Yes, I’ll share more on snapchat :)

  11. Fantastic job on your life style choice.. Please add what type of work you like to do and how often a day/ week you do it. and your shake.. is it just protein powder you use to make your drink or do you use a shake type pre mix? Your look wonderful !!!!

  12. You look awesome!!
    Thank you for sharing!! I get so caught up in portion control of what I should or shouldn’t be eating. Wondering though, what would be a good protein sub for vegetarians or vegan?

  13. Wow! Congrats on your progress and thanks for sharing your tips. I am beginning my fitness journey and need a lot of help with diet.

    Random question: your jaw line looks very defined in the after. Was this due to weight loss or have you changed your skincare routine? Do you use any facial toning devices?


  14. You look great and your diet is very healthy and nutritious however having very little carbs isn’t always a good thing. Your body needs carbs to function properly! Theres lots of healthy carbs that you can add w/o jeopardizing your diet!

  15. Rachel you look awesome! Granted, you looked great before but you seem happier in the after pictures. Thank you for sharing your diet! Can you also post about your exercise routine?

  16. Hey Rachel, you look amazing! Thanks for sharing the diet. Just wondering, did you work out every single day?

  17. Is it cheaper to buy the pruvit pure therapeutic ketones from you guys than directly online? b/c they not cheap :(

  18. So for the brown rice and sweet potatoes do you eat them both every other day or have rice one day and sweet potatoes the next day?

  19. Your progress is amazing! I’m excited to try this meal plan…meanwhile I’ll be waiting for that workout routine though. Keep up the good work :)

  20. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing your diet plan as I’ve been struggling to eat better (healthier) and it doesn’t get easier than this!!! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to add this to my workout routine. ❤❤

  21. Thank you thank you thank you! :) Just wondering, how big were the portions of protein you had each time?

  22. Oh my!! Congratulations on your progress, you’re an inspiration! Also, thank you so so much for sharing this with your followers! I would love to see photos of all of your meals throughout the day and how you prepare everything with portions!!

  23. Rachel, this was so helpful! Thank you! Also, how do you prepare your chicken? Any seasonings for flavor?

  24. What is your trainers info??? I live in the Tampa area and I’ve been looking for someone good

  25. If you are eating 4 meals a day, are you even snacking in between? I wouldn’t think you would be hungry.
    Do you eat eggs every day?!

  26. Congratulations! You look fabulous and I am going to try this for my meals. I think it’s harder to mix up my meals and stick to them. Although this could get boring it does make it much more simple for busy moms.

  27. I love the progress you have done ✅ I’m also trying to lose about 20-25 pounds. I’m vegetarian and I’m wondering if you have any replacements for the meat you mentioned on your diet. Thanks for sharing. Xoxo

  28. This is really inspiring!! I have lost 60 lbs and I just feel like I hit a wall… but thank you for the meal plan and if you could think of any other meals that would help can you please post them!!! Thank you so much again you look amazing!!!

  29. You look great! How do you balance your healthy diet plan with your family? Do they eat what you eat, or do you make your diet personal to you? My significant other is not health conscious at all and (I love you babe) but he eats like a child and has no plans of changing his diet and he’s very picky. How do I support my healthy eating style, and not force it down his throat?

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