10 Day Advocare Cleanse – Day 3, 4, 5 Review

Days 3, 4 and 5 have all been about the same.  My body is adjusting to the diet and I feel less hungry and shaky.  I am still very bloated.  My hubby says my bloating is less, I don’t agree.  Everyone keeps telling me I need a big poop.  Well, it’s not happening!  On Day 5 I worked out with my personal trainer.  She gave me some suggestions on how to tweak my diet to make me more comfortable.  She thinks it’s possible I’m consuming too much fiber and it’s making me bloated and uncomfortable.  I will be trying those changes on Day 6.
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Tips & Tricks #3

  1. sunglassesSprinkle some cinnamon or cocoa powder in your coffee grounds before brewing.  It gives you a wonderful flavor experience.
  2. For a quick, easy exfoliant use a scoop of sugar.  Keep a jar of sugar in the shower and sprinkle some into your hand and rub it on your face and body.  It will gently exfoliant and dissolve in the warm water.
  3. To help reduce over eating at a meal, drink a large glass of water before eating.
  4. The dryer wears out your clothes faster than anything.  Hang dry any clothing that you want to stay looking new.
  5. When time is limited, put on sunglasses and pretty lipstick.  You will look glamorous in 2 minutes.

10 Day Cleanse – Day 1 & 2 Review

Happy New Year!!

I have been busy spending time with my family, putting away Christmas decorations and being snowed in.  I think we have 3-4 feet of snow on the ground and it’s still snowing!

On Friday I started a 10 day cleanse.  I thought it would be a perfect way to start the new year.  I’m 30, I have 2 kids, and I didn’t eat very well in my 20’s; so I think my body is in need of a cleanse.   I’m doing the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse.  I’m going to do a day by day review for you.  Let me warn you, I will be writing this review like I’m talking to my bff.
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A New Year, A New Look On Life!

As one year comes to an end and the next one begins I always take the time to reflect on my life. I think about this past year; all of its joys and heart ache, successes and failures. It’s important to think about our failures and not just our successes. Don’t ignore failure and push it under the rug, pretending they never happened. How else will we learn? Then I think about the upcoming year. It’s so fresh and new, with limitless possibilities. But how will we accomplish all we want to in this new year?  Without a road map we will get blown around where ever life decides to put us. This is why we make goals and plans, so we take control of our lives.

“I should be the leading lady in my own life.” (Kate Winslet in The Holiday)

When reflecting on my life I have to think about the different areas of my life: me personally, my family and my work. I some times do 3 separate lists of goals for each of these areas. Some times it is simply thinking about which area of your life needs the most attention.
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Tips & Tricks #2

  1. After waxing, don’t exfoliate or go in the direct sun light for 24 hours._8159861
  2. If you have a really red zit put some visine on it.  It gets the red out.
  3. A glass of wine or a shot of liquor has 100+ calories, so be aware of how much you are consuming.  All of those calories turn straight to sugar.
  4. Concealers can be drying, use a primer first to protect the under eye area.   I use MAC Prep & Prime in Radiant Rose.
  5. Spend the money and get yourself a really nice winter coat.  It’s worth the investment!  You wear it every day for many months out of the year.  And it’s the first thing (some times only thing) that everyone sees.  I love this coat! Check out the awesome detail in the back!