I Buy Everything I Can On Amazon

It’s been a week since I’ve posted, and it’s been a looooong crazy week!  It started off with a trip to the ER (everyone is ok).  Then everyone in the family got sick all at the same time with a high fever cold/flu bug.  John and I got better in a couple of days.  Then the week ended with a visit to the doctor to find out Caleb has an ear infection and Sofia has pneumonia.  I am so happy last week is over and I’m starting a new week.

I normally do most of my shopping online.  With me being stuck inside all of last week, I really learned just how much I love shopping online.  Especially on Amazon!  They make shopping so easy and convenient and they always have the lowest price!!!  Even if their price is the same, you don’t pay tax so it’s actually cheaper.  I don’t have to leave the house and it’s delivered to me in 2 days.  Seriously amazing!!

So why do they have the lowest prices and why do the prices fluctuate?  After one phone call to them I found out all the answers.  They have thousands of retails, stores and individuals they get their products from.  With the volume of inventory they sell, it demands a competitive price.  Then they always sell the lowest price first.

For example- Say they have 500 rolls of paper towels.  They got 100 rolls at $0.89, another 100 rolls at $0.99, another 100 at $1.09 and so on.  They will sell the $0.89 ones first, then move to the $0.99 ones.  That’s why you will see things that say “only 2 left”.   This is also why the prices can fluctuate up and down from day to day, some times from hour to hour.

What’s up with Amazon Prime Membership?  If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you need to have it!  It makes life so much easier! Here is what you get:

  • You get FREE 2 day shipping on everything!
  • You get access to all their video streaming.  It’s pretty much the same thing as Netflix.  Amazon has a huge library of free movies and tv shows you can watch for free if you have the prime membership.
  • It also lets you borrow 1 ebook from the library for your kindle.
  • Click Here to get your Amazon Prime Membership

What can you buy on Amazon?  Everything!!!!  I get everything from beauty products, vitamins and supplements, electronics, shoes, everyday household items, toys, etc.  If I’m buying anything online I go to Amazon first to see if they have it before shopping anywhere else.  Let’s do a few side by side comparisons.

BioElements Flash Foam Cleanser

BioElements Flash Foam Cleanser.  Such a great cleanser!
BioElements website – $34    Amazon – $23

GlamGlow Youth Mud Mask

GlamGlow Youth Mud Mask.  Amazing Mask!
Sephora – $69    Amazon – $42

Modern Family

Modern Family Season 4.  My favorite tv show!
Target – $39    Amazon – $32

Tweezerman Tweezers

 Tweezerman Tweezers.  The best tweezers!
Sephora – $22    Amazon – $17

As if Amazon needs to make it any easier, they did!  You can store your credit card info on your account for 1 click purchase.  You literally click “purchase” and it’s bought and on its way to your house.

If you are anything like me and you do a lot of online shopping, Amazon will be like an Angel to you!

9 thoughts on “I Buy Everything I Can On Amazon

  1. Do u have any reviews on epilators? I wanna purchase one cheap and effective but i’m overwhelm !!! Thanks hunny !!! From a fan of u and ur sis….

  2. Helli! I love your website!!! I follow your sister Jaclyn on IG and youtube! Love her! I love makeup and always have but lately im also getting into facial/skin products. I found you thanx to your sister :) im also from Illinois South Suburbs. ~Celina

  3. Do you know if this is the same for the UK Amazon? I’m scared of buying certain things in case they are not the same as what I would get if I bought from the direct website. If it was the case, it would save me a lot of money.

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