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I love trying new beauty products and finding new favorites.  But I have to admit, 95% of the time I reach for my favorite products that I know work the best and do my makeup the same way.  These are the products of 2018 that I can not live without!!  Some were discovered early 2018 and used all year, some are favorites for a couple years that I still have not found anything better.

I did not include any hair products because I recently did a post reviewing my hair extensions and talking about my holy grail hair products.  Nothing has changed since then :). You can read that post Here.

1. Best Highlighter : Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette | Highlight is LIFE!  I am so obsessed with this palette and use it in so many different ways.  The top right color gives a natural glow from within look, very sun kissed.  The top left gives more of a poppin highlight.  I always layer them for a gorgeous highlight.  Even on my no makeup days I will take a damp beauty blender and apply some of the highlight to my cheekbones.  It gives a gorgeous glow!

2. Best Mascara : DiorShow Lash Extension Effect Volume Mascara | It is no secret that my favorite mascara for years has been the Too Faced ‘Better than Sex’ mascara.  But since getting lash extensions my new favorite is this one by Dior.  I have always used this Dior mascara, I would layer it on top of the Too Faced mascara.  Now I apply just the Dior to my bottom lashes.  And if I need to, I will apply a very thin coat of mascara on my last extension.  This mascara gives length and fullness, it makes my lashes look fluffy.  It never flakes off onto my face.  And one tube lasts so long!

3. Best Setting Powder : Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless | The older I get the harder it is to find amazing products that work on my face.  So many products settle into my fine lines and wrinkles, making me look older.  Never the goal when applying makeup!  I love this setting powder sooooo much!!  It feels completely weightless and looks so natural.  My foundation never moves and after 8 hours my makeup looks the same as when I first did it.  It does not settle in any lines, I can’t even see I’m wearing powder.  My shade is Fair.

4. Best Every Day Perfume : Chanel Chance Eau Tendre | I spray this perfume on every morning, doesn’t matter if I’m going to the gym or the grocery store or brunch.  I always like to smell fresh and pretty.  This scent is perfect for that!  It has a fresh, light, happy, with just a hint of sexy.  I am at the bottom of my 2nd large bottom and about to purchase my 3rd.

5. Best Eyeshadow Palette : Jaclyn Hill x Morphe | I Can Not Live Without This Palette!!!  I have used this palette every single day for almost 2 years.  I have my main shades that I use 90% of the time.  But when I’m feeling adventurous with my makeup I can branch out to the other colors and create something amazing.  The pigment and consistency and wearability is so incredible!  And the affordable price, hunny…..  knowing what I know about this palette I would be willing to spend $200 on it!

6. Best Lip Moisturizer : Kopari Lip Glossy | Can not live without this!!  I purchase at least 5 at a time and have them all over the place.  I have them in every room of my house and always in my handbag.  It has the perfect smooth consistency and no stickiness.  I apply this every night before bed, throughout the day on bare lips, over a lipstick, basically all the time.  I think my addiction is very serious!

7. Best Red Lipstick : Morphe ‘Hot Shot’ | When I first saw this lipstick I thought it was too much of an orange red for me and it would look weird on my skin tone.  But then I put it on, perfection!  I swear everyone can wear this shade of red and it looks amazing.  I love the formula, it feels amazing on my lips and lasts a very long time.

8. Best Foundation : Chanel Velvet Smooth-Effect | OB-sessed!!!  I have been using this foundation for a year and a half and can not find one that is better.  This foundation glides across my skin and makes the perfect smooth canvas.  It feels like silk to the touch on the skin.  I will apply a thin layer and gives me more of a tinted moisturizer look.  Or I will do several thin layers for a full coverage.  Even with several layers for full coverage, it never looks heavy or fake.  It looks like great smooth skin!  This is hands down my favorite beauty product that I can never live without!  It is a little pricer for foundation, I will use a bottle for about 6 months.  A little bit goes a long way so I feel the price is worth it.  I wear shades 10 beige and 20 beige, depending on if it’s summer or winter.  A lot of the time I mix them together to create my perfect shade.

9. Best Blush : Morphe Blush Babes Tio ‘Pop of Coral’ | This has a very natural look, like you have gorgeous color in your cheeks.  I only use the 2 left shades (never have touched the far right).  I love the color that it gives to my face, very awake and fresh and a glow from within.

10. Best Under Eye Powder : Kat Von D Shade & Light Powder | Let’s face it, the under eye area being smooth is always the goal with makeup.  This powder keeps my concealer in place without creasing or any lines- All.Day.Long!!  This palette has great colors and can be used in a lot of different ways.  I originally bought the palette so I have all the colors to play with.  Now I buy the replacement pan in shade ‘vanilla’ just for my under eye setting powder.

11. Best Facial Cleanser : Purity | At the end of the day I have to wash all this makeup off.  This cleanser does the job and is so easy to use!  I don’t use a makeup remover or makeup wipes.  I only use this cleanser and it will get a full face of makeup off.  It doesn’t dry me out, and since using it my skin is the most clear of blackheads and clogged pores ever!

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My favorite nude lipstick of 2018 is without a question Jeffrey Star ‘Mannequin’ Liquid Lipstick. It is sold out most of the time so I don’t like talking about it.  I don’t want to show something you can’t have.  Any time it’s in stock I buy another one so I don’t run out.  I will say, this lipstick only looks good if you have makeup on.  With a bare face it washes me out and looks brown.  But with makeup on it looks great!

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  1. Do you find that the Chanel foundation has a very matte finish? Also, can I ask what undereye concealer you use everyday?

  2. I love these types of blog post! I always want the best products, but beauty products can be expensive sometimes! It’s nice to have an opinion us gals can trust!

    Btw – you are such an inspiration. You’ve said you of course have your bad days and those aren’t show on camera, but your daily snaps and instagram post are so filled with joy. You do such sweet and meaningful things for your children! Your spirit of endurance and indestructible joy is inspiring. I also love that you’ve shared a little about your faith. I’d love to hear more!

  3. What are your favorite shades in the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette? I use it daily too and I’m obsessed!!

  4. I have GOT to know what lashes you’re wearing – they look amazing and you’re gorgeous!

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