Becca & Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Collection

becca & jaclyn hill champagne glow collection

Jaclyn Hill & Becca did it again!  Last year they gave us ‘Champange Pop’ and now it’s the #1 highlight in the world.  They are back in a big and bold way and are giving us an entire Champagne Glow Collection… pause for freaking out and screaming!!!

The details of the launch:

The entire Champagne Glow collection will launch on Thursday, May 26th at Noon EST on  All products will be available in Sephora stores on June 16th.

Champagne Pop in all 3 formulas (pressed, poured & liquid) will be permanent.  The face palette and eye palette are limited edition, when it sells out it will be gone forever.

becca & jaclyn hill champagne glow collection

The products:

Face Palette

The face palette is made up of 2 highlight shades and 3 blushes.  The 2 highlight shades are ‘Champagne Pop’ (the shade that started it all!) and a new shade ‘Prosecco Pop’.  All 3 blush shades are new.  Blush names: ‘Rose Spritz’, ‘Amaretto’ & ‘Pamplemousse’ (left to right).  And the packaging is gorgeous!  I love the white and gold with what looks like confetti on top.  It’s a champagne party every time you pull it out of your makeup drawer.

I have been using & loving this face palette so much!  I love mixing both the highlights together to create the most beautiful shade of golden champagne.  I’m obsessed with the blush colors!  ‘Rose Spritz’ is my new favorite blush color ever!  I don’t know how I have lived without it.  On my fair skin, the blush shade ‘Amaretto’ makes a perfect bronzer.  Although on darker skin it will be a beautiful blush color.  That’s how versatile these colors are.  Jaclyn really thought about all skin tones.

And can we talk about how 1 highlight is $38 and this entire palette with 2 highlights and 3 blushes is $52!!!  That’s a steal!  All wrapped up in a gorgeous palette.

becca & jaclyn hill champagne collection face palette

becca & jaclyn hill champagne collection face palette swatch

Eye Palette

I am a sucker for an eyeshadow palette!  Especially with gorgeous colors like these.  I mean, ‘Champagne Toast’ is the most beautiful eyeshadow I have ever seen!  I have always loved Becca eyeshadows.  They are creamy, blend well, great pigment and last all day.  I love the variety of the shadow colors.  You can create a light daytime look or a more smoky night time look just with this palette.

becca & jaclyn hill champagne collection eye palette

becca & jaclyn hill champagne collection eye palette swatch

‘Champagne Pop’ Pressed, Poured & Liquid

The highlighter that broke every record and has made history is now in a poured and liquid formula.  You now have unlimited ways to keep your highlight on fleek forever!

champagne pop pressed, poured, liquid

 becca & jaclyn hill champagne glow collection

21 thoughts on “Becca & Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Collection

  1. Hi! I will be at school tomorrow when these come out…BUT have no fear, I left my mom with an(incredibly detailed) instruction sheet on where to find these products, when, and how much effort she needs to put into refreshing her page at EXACTLY 9:00 here in California! I have loved using the champagne glow palette she came out with in the winter, and CAN’T WAIT to try Prosecco Pop. As I was reading this blog post and looking at your swatches I was sitting on the floor making sounds like a gasping duck…living breathing dying and sneezing for these products! If you see this comment I was wondering how much the eye shadow palette will be? Thanks so much for taking time out of your (I’m sure busy) day to read this comment. Love your blog and your adorable family! <3

    1. Hey there! So the eyeshadow palette is $40! I’m so obsessed with it! Lol if you have an instagram, follow Becca and they have an entire breakdown of every thing and how much each cost. Also, if you go on the Sephora app, type in #champagneglow and the entire collection is there now just not available to buy yet, but everything is there to look at with the prices and everything. Hope this helped!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I appreciate the time you and your hubby took to give us these great quality pics!! Can’t wait till tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn’t sell out in 2.5 sec and I’ll be able to get my hands on it soon!!! Much love ????????????

  3. While the sizes are all very generous, nothing is full size in the palette.

    1. The highlights are the size of the poured hightlights, which makes them full size in that form. They are not full size in the pressed form.

  4. I’ve been a fan of JH since she was sitting on her couch years ago! Love her! I already received my face palette and looking forward to getting the eyeshadow. How much will that one be? Also wanted to let you know that you left off an “l” in Hill in your title. ❤️????

  5. I heard the highlighters in the palette are not full size. They are about 1/3 the size of a regular becca highlighter. Either way the palette is still a great value because you are getting 5 beautiful products. Plus they will last a while since a little goes a long way. I can’t wait to get my own. I also want the eyeshadow palette even though I have too many already.

  6. The highlights in the pallet are pressed not poured so you can’t say they are full size since a full size pressed highlight is almost double the size.
    They are the size of a full size poured highlight which of course is half the size of a full size pressed highlight.
    Long story short nothing in the pallet is full size you get a litter over half of the full size products in this pallet
    Extremely misleading.

  7. Obsessed with the whole collection!!! Also, where is this gorgeous ottoman from?!

  8. Can you tell her to sell Prosecco Pop seperatley please?! I know it’s not that easy lol, but you know just a put a word in for us ;) xx

  9. I was at the site at 8:59 am pacific time here in LA ready to add the eyeshadow palette into the cart and check out! My execution Was perfection! I purchased the face palette the day of the Becca celebration and I absolutely absolutely and one more absolutely love it! If there’s only one item you can purchase I would say choose the face palette it is amazing!

  10. I wasn’t planning on buying the eyeshadow palette, to be honest I didn’t think I truly needed it. After I read your post I immediately ordered it. Sold! Thanks girl.

    1. amy- Jaclyn mentioned on her snapchat that they will be restocking the face pallet online on june 16th until those sell out, after that then its gone!

  11. Hey Rachel! My skin is quite fair, do you think these colours will work for me? I’m really really interested in the blushes! I already have champagne pop and i love it xx

  12. I ordered the palette but I am so worried because I am fair and I feel like the new highlighter is only for dark skin. Even the blushes look like they were made for dark skin. I feel like no one ever makes a highlight for fair skin. How will the new highlight look on fair skin?

  13. Omg. I finally own one of this incredible champagne pop. Thank you for sharing the beauty can’t wait till pallets available.

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