Back to Working Out

The kids are back in school, John is back to work, winter break is officially over and it’s time for my regular schedule to return.  We spent 2 very relaxing weeks hanging out at home spending time together, sleeping late and non-stop eating delicious food.  I have gained a few pounds and now it’s time to get back to the gym.  I really didn’t want this amazing break to end and I’m having a hard time finding motivation to get my butt back in gear.  One thing that always helps me is buying some new work out clothes.  It may sound silly, but it works.  If I get a new pair of shoes, work out bag or new clothes, the desire to wear them motivates me to work out.  I know once I work out a few times it will feel so good that I will be motivated to keep working out and start eating really healthy again.  I’ve taken enough time off and now it’s time to shed these 8 pounds before summer!

work out clothes
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2 thoughts on “Back to Working Out

  1. Me too! I just bought asics frantic7 gel shoes and hopes that will kick start things. I just had baby #2 and have 25 lbs to go. Lord help me

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