6 Summer Trends I’m Loving!

  1. Bright/Bold Colors: I have been obsessed with wearing bright and bold colors.  Whether it’s in a top, dress, earrings, bag or lipstick; bring on the color!
  2. Sunglasses: sooooo many fun sunglasses right now!!  All the different shapes, designs, colors, and mixed metals… I seriously can’t get enough!  I’m of course swooning over these Fendi’s and these Dior’s!  But when it’s something this trendy I opt for a less expensive pair.
  3. Pom Poms: anything with pom poms on it makes it so fun and girly!  I love pom pom earrings, pom poms on a top or shoes.  I also really love tassels (which goes along with pom poms!).  I love all the lace up shoes that have tassels on them.
  4. Fun Earrings: since cutting my hair I can’t get enough fun earrings.  With long hair my earrings would always get lost and you couldn’t really see them.  Now with shorter hair I really notice my earrings.  I’m loving anything with color or texture.
  5. Block Heels: I’m only 5’4” so you don’t typically ever see me wearing flats.  My summer go to is usually a wedge.  But I am loving all the block heels!  It gives the look on an actual heel without sacrificing any comfort in my feet.
  6. Off the Shoulder: anything off the shoulder is everywhere right now.  I love all the off the shoulder tops & dresses.  I really like the cold shoulder tops too.  This is a great way to show some skin in a feminine and conservative way.  Making your overall look very summery.

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