Sephora Beauty Insider Event – Up to 20% OFF! What’s in My Shopping Bag

sephora beauty insider 2018

Rouge Members: Aug 24th- Sept 3rd – 20% off – Use Code: YESROUGE
VIB Members: Aug 30th – Sept 3rd – 15% off – Use Code: YESVIB
Beauty Insider Members: Aug 30th – Sept 3rd – 10% off – Use Code: YESINSIDER

Twice a year Sephora shows appreciation to their customers by offering a discount off your entire purchase. I love to use this time to stock up on my favorites items.  And also try a few new things.

Favorites I’m Re-Purchasing
These are all makeup items I can not live without.  I couldn’t even do my makeup one time without them.  I know I will use them time and time again.  So I always get at least one of each while they are on sale.  I get my favorite mascara (the only one I ever wear!), eyebrow pencil (I wear shade ‘soft brown’) and brow gel, face setting powder, eyeliner pencil, under eye setting powder.  I also like to pick up a mini Champagne Pop highlight for travel.

I also get some of my favorite hair and body products as well.  My fave volume texture hair spray, dry shampoo, both of my favorite perfumes Coco Chanel & Chanel Chance, body lotion & face wash.

New Things I’m Trying
LIPSTICKS: I’ve been loving nude liquids lipsticks lately.  I know that I love the Bare Minerals and the Kat Von D liquid lipstick formulas.  So I am going to pick up a couple different shades to try out.  Last fall I wore the Kat Von D ‘Lovecraft’ so much and was obsessed!  This year I want to try the shades: Ludwig, Ophelia & Lolita.  I have several of the Bare Minerals shades, but most of mine are bold colors. I do have 1 nude shade in the color ‘Infamous’ and I love it.  I’m also going to get the shade Wink.

FACE: When I was at my sister’s house last time I used this Dior highlighter that was on her vanity.  I was so obsessed with it I have to get one of my own.  I want to try the new GlamGlow highlighter palette.  The colors look gorgeous!  And this under eye setting powder says it blurs lines, yes please!  Ordering this :)

morphe dark magic palette

Reviewing My Hair Extensions & My Holy Grail Hair Products

I have had hair extensions for about 6 months.  I originally put them in because my hair in the front wasn’t as long as my back, and the front was much thinner.  I’m trying to grow my hair out, and for some reason my front is having a hard time growing. While my back is growing like a weed!   So I added extensions for length and fullness in the front.  My stylist uses the tape in extensions from hairtalk.

You can see the picture on the left how thin and short my hair is in the front.  Picture on the right is with my extensions in.  Much more length and fullness!

extensions review

My hope is to have the tape in extensions in while my hair grows out.  Then once all my hair is past my shoulders I won’t need the extensions any more.  But I have gotten used to all the fullness, I am wondering if I will ever be able to live without them now.  I’m totally obsessed!

My review:  The extensions are very comfortable, I rarely ever notice I have them in.  For the first couple days to a week of having them freshly done, they can feel a bit tight.  I can wake up a few times a night because I notice them when I move my head around on my pillow.  But this is only the first couple days to a week.  After that I don’t notice them at all.

I only have to wash my hair twice a week.  Which is a huge plus!  The extensions never really look dirty.  I shampoo like regular, I am a little more gentle on my scalp.  I don’t want to tug on an extension and pull on my real hair.  Since I do work out several days a week, I plan my sweaty work outs for the days that I wash my hair.

Absolutely no conditioner on the tape!!!  This is a big NO NO!  No conditioner or oil products on the tape ever.  It will loosen the tape and the extension will fall out.  I put some conditioner on the ends of my real hair without it getting anywhere close to the tape.  I some times apply a very small amount of conditioner on the ends of my extensions.  But not too much because they hang funny and separate when dry.  I think extensions actually look best and more full without conditioner (even though it’s more of pain to dry them).

I have my extensions redone every 10 weeks.  For me, at 10 weeks they have grown out enough that they become hard to style.  You can start to see the tape if my hair moves in the wrong way.  And plus my roots have grown out and it’s time for highlights anyway.

When you purchase a pack of hair, it can be used 3 times.  So when I go in at 10 weeks, my extensions are first removed.  Then whatever color/highlights I’m doing that day.  Then the same extensions are put back in.  After they are used 3 times I have to buy new packs of hair.

It is very difficult to put my hair in a pony tail with extensions.  Mostly because my length is a little shorter.  A low pony is about all I can do.  If I try to put it any higher it’s very uncomfortable on my hair, it feels like it is tugging.  And most of the time you can see the tape.  This is why I wear hats a lot.  I wear baseball hats to the gym a lot and when I’m out running errands.  After I have had the extensions in for about a month and my hair has grown out a little, the extensions are looser and easier to wear a pony.

1 & 2: Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo & Bright Blonde Conditioner: I have tried so many different shampoos and conditioners. This one is my absolute favorite.  This is my daily shampoo and conditioner.  My hair feels clean and hydrated (feeling hydrated can be very difficult for blondes). When I shampoo, I leave the shampoo in my hair for several minutes before I rinse it out.  This makes sure my hair is always the perfect shade of blonde that I love.  The conditioner is amazing.  It keeps my hair moisturized without weighing it down.

3 & 4: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray & Bumble & Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish Spray: Both of these products are similar but sooooo different! And so necessary!  They both are a texturizing spray that you put on your dry hair.  But they have very different textures and feels to them.  After I have curled my hair, I shake the curls out with my hands.  Then I spray both of these all over of my hair. I make sure to not just spray on the top.  I lift my hair and get the product through out all of my hair.  I even spray underneath my hair. Using both of these is what gives my hair all the texture and volume. The Oribe one gives more texture, the Bumble & Bumble one gives more volume. I’ve tried to use one without the other, but the overall look is not the same.  I need both!  These texturizing sprays with my teasing brush is my secret to my hair look!  I rarely use a hairspray because these texture sprays works so amazing.  But if I do, I use Oribe Hairspray.

5: Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream: I apply a small amount of this to my wet hair before I brush and blow dry.  My natural hair texture is more wavy and frizzy.  This helps tame my hair down and be more smooth and shiny.  It also protects my hair from heat tools.  It adds moisture and shine without weighing my hair down or making it look greasy.  I’ve been using this for years and I still love it!

6: Teaser Brush: I use this brush to tease my hair for more volume.  I will use this brush before and after I spray the texture sprays.  Gently back comb your hair with this brush at the root and at the ends.  When I’m done my hair will look huge, but it will fall a little bit so don’t be afraid :)

7 & 8: Matrix So Silver Shampoo & Brass Off Shampoo: These are both toning and color correcting shampoos.  I use the So Silver every 2 or so weeks.  This will remove any yellow tones that have tried to creep in.  I apply the shampoo and leave it in for 5-10 minutes.  Every time I use this shampoo I see a noticeable difference in the brightness and iciness of my blonde.

I got the Brass Off because a couple months ago my hair turned no joke… pink!  It had some kind of reaction to the pool I was in and the sun.  My hair looked horrible.  I tried all my other shampoos and nothing helped.  I got this Brass Off shampoo and it helped sooo much.  After 2 washes and my hair was back to normal.  This one helps if you hair has turned orange, brass or pink (in my case).

tape in hair extensions

How I style my hair: After I apply the Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream, I blow dry my hair using my hands and with a round brush.  I don’t focus on every single hair being perfect.  I mostly focus on the top and front being smooth.  And make sure there are any weird kinks in my hair that will make it difficult to style.

After my hair is dry, I will straighten just the ends of my hair if I need to.  I only do this if my ends are flipping in a direction I don’t like.  I then take a 1″ curling wand and curl about half my hair very loosely.  I’m looking for more of a bend than a curl.  I don’t like to curl all my hair because I want that “undone” look.  Then using a straightener (it has to be one with rounded edges) curl a few pieces of hair.  I also will use it to straighten out some of the curls I just put in if they are too curly.  I like to play around with it until I get the look I want.  Using both the curling wand and straightener creates a lot of movement and texture, giving that effortless look.

I finish up with shaking my hair out with my hands, spraying both texture sprays and fluffing with my teaser brush.  My attitude towards styling my hair to not do it perfect.  Play around with your hair and have fun!

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