Feather Sweatshirt

Ro & De Feather Sweatshirt

Feather Sweatshirt | Frame Denim | Stuart Weitzman Boots, Dupe Here | Givenchy Bag, Dupe Here | Celine Sunglasses, Similar Here | Hoop EarringsAnastasia Lipgloss in ‘Petal’

There are nights that I want to go out, but I don’t feel like putting on anything fancy.  I want the be comfy and wear a sweatshirt and jeans.  There have been so many cute sweatshirt that have been coming out for spring.  I love that sweatshirts are now cute and fashionable.

Ro & De Feather Sweatshirt

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Off the Shoulder Sweater

givenchy antigona caramel medium

Off the Shoulder Sweater | Aritzia Faux Leather Pants (the best!) | Leopard Pumps (similar) | Givenchy Bag | Earrings | Floppy Hat

Happy Thursday!  Who is else is soooo happy it’s almost Friday!!!  It has just been a very long week and I can’t wait for the weekend!

I’m in love with an off the shoulder sweater.  I had no idea I would love it so much.  I actually purchased this sweater months ago.  It’s been hanging in my closet and I haven’t worn it until last week.  I have no idea why I waited so long to wear it.  I love the relaxed feel of the sweater, yet there is some sexiness with the off the shoulder.  And I think it will transition perfectly into spring.

Unfortunately my exact sweater is sold out.  I guess that happens when I let something hang in my closet for several months before wearing it.  But I found some off the shoulder sweaters that are almost identical.  This one looks the exact same, this one looks amazing for a bit more money, obsessed with the lace detail on this one, love the fringe on this one and it’s on sale.

sun & shadow Cowl Off the Shoulder Sweater

sun & shadow Cowl Off the Shoulder Sweater

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Best Faux Fur Jackets

willow & clay faux fur jacket

Faux Fur Jacket | Frame Flare Jeans, similar for less | Similar White TopBalenciaga Bag, similar for less | Kendra Scott NecklaceMarc Jacobs ‘Sugar Sugar’ Lipgloss

I love a good faux fur jacket!  It can take a simple outfit and make it wow.  There are so many great faux fur jackets out right now.  I have ordered several of them in the last month.  By the time they arrive at my house they are already sold out.  So what I have learned, if you love a faux fur jacket order it immediately.  They sell out so quick!!

I’ve rounded up all my favorite faux fur jackets out right now.  I’m loving this one and the colors of this one.  I love the pattern of this one and this one.  Obsessed with this green one, this cropped black one and this burgundy one.

Shop them all using the tool below:


willow & clay faux fur jacket

willow & clay faux fur jacket

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Cozy Oversized Sweater

topshop Oversize Cocoon Sweater

Topshop Sweater, also love this | Joe’s Jeans | Sam Edelman Shoes | Gucci Bag | Hoop Earrings | Buxom ‘Forbidden Berry’ Lipstick | Celine Sunglasses

This time of year I love wearing oversized sweaters that are cozy and soft.  January always feels a little blah, maybe it’s the post holiday blues.  Or maybe it’s that I have some holiday weight that I am trying to hide (oops!).  Either way, it just feels good to wear an oversized sweater.

Another sweater I love is this one, and it comes in tons of colors.  This one is currently in my shopping cart and I can’t stop wearing this one.  And this one is a must have for cozy comfy days.

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Best of Beauty 2016

I loooooove thinking back over the past year about my favorite beauty products!  I dig thru my bathroom drawers, thru my makeup vanity, in my top drawer of my nightstand, in my purse… searching for all beauty products I have been using daily and can’t live without.

This is the smallest best of beauty I have ever had.  It could be that a lot of my time was consumed with moving and starting a new job.  It could also be that there wasn’t that many new products that thrilled me. Either way, I wasn’t going to put products in my best of beauty just to put them in.  These truly are my best of beauty!

And what does it take to make the cut?  These are products that I use all the time!  I use these daily/weekly and if they disappeared I would shed a tear.  They are stand out products that I could not live without!

So let’s get into it:

1 & 2. Tula Cleanser & Moisturizer :  I discovered Tula skin care at the very beginning of 2016.  It was literally eye opening for my skin!  It is the best skin care I have ever used!

Tula Cleanser : The cleanser is a makeup remover and a cleanser.  I never use a separate makeup remover.  When I am wearing a full face of glam makeup all I use is this cleanser.  It gets my skin completely clean.  It is very gentle, great for all skin types; even my sensitive dry skin.  I use this morning and night.

Tula Moisturizer : The best daily moisturizer ever!  So hydrating yet very light on the skin.  I use this every morning and night.  This is the only moisturizer you need.

Click here to view my entire skin care post I did just 2 months ago.  I go more in depth about each product I use and why.  Also, if you want to save 25% off + free shipping on tula.com use code lifescandyjar25

3. Colleen Rothschild Intense Moisture Mask : This moisture mask is the best moisturizing mask ever!  You can leave it on for 10-15 minutes.  Or (the way I use it) leave it on overnight.  Every time I use it I wake up with skin extremely dewy, glowing, plump and even skin tone.  I like to use this once a week to keep my skin looking amazing.  Seriously a game changer!  You can read my entire review Here.

4. Farmacy Sheet Mask Melody : I discovered sheet masks at the very end of 2015.  This past year I finally found my favorite sheet mask.  I love getting the sheet mask melody from Farmacy.  This way I use whatever my skin needs are.  The mask melody includes firming, brightening & anti-wrinkle.  Their masks are so amazing, after 10 minutes I see a noticeable improvement in my skin.  A sheet mask can be a little weird and messy, but so worth it for the results.

5. Buxom Lipstick : I have been a fan of Buxom lipstick’s for a while.  I love the formula, it is creamy and pigmented.  This year I fell in love with the shade ‘guilty angel’.  It is the every day shade with pinky peachy undertones.  I can wear this shade with a natural makeup look or smoky eye.  Doesn’t matter, it always looks great.  You can see it in my every day makeup look.

6. Lipgloss : I love a glossy lip!  I know matte lips and liquid lipsticks are all the trend right now.  But I will always prefer a glossy lip!  Here are my 2 favorites:

Marc Jacobs Lipgloss: This gloss is great for a high shine look.  I currently have this in shade ‘sugar sugar’, which is the prefect nude shade for all skin types.  It is extremely glossy and looks amazing alone or over a lipstick.

Anastasia Lipgloss: This formula is amazing!  It is thick, pigmented and extremely moisturizing.  I love so many shades of this gloss.  I wear one almost daily, I have them stashed around my house and in my purse.  My favorite shade is ‘Rio’, it is the perfect hot pink ever.

7. GlamGlow Lip Balm : This lip balm feels amazing and is so hydrating!!!  The love for this lip balm started out with having it on my nightstand and putting it on every night before bed.  Now I have one in my kitchen and in my purse.  Basically I have to always have one right by my side.

8. Too Faced Mascara : This mascara has made it on my best of beauty 2 years in a row.  There’s a reason for that… because it’s the best! I use it every single day, it’s the Queen of mascaras.  It makes my lashes thick, full, long and amazing.  I have ventured out and still haven’t found a mascara that is equal to this one.

9. Hair : Dry Shampoo, Texture, Oil : It has been a year for hair change for me.  I have had to look for many different hair products for my ever changing hair style.  I have found some amazing products that I can not live without.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo : This is the perfect dry shampoo.  It soaks up any extra oil, eliminates smell, gives body and volume.  But it’s not to heavy.  It doesn’t weigh your hair down or feel like you have anything in your hair.  You can use this dry shampoo, get fresh hair and still run your hands thru your hair.  Hey, when you know you know :)

Bumble & Bumble Dry Spun : This is a newer favorite in the last couple months.  I used it in at my sisters house and instantly fell in love.  It gives very light texture with an airy, fluffy look.  I love the look it gives all day long, and even the next day.  It’s only been 2 months but I can’t live without it!

Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil : With all the highlighting and color treatments I have done in the last 2 years it has left my hair dry and damaged.  I worked very hard in 2016 to get my hair healthy.  No more crazy hair treatments for me!  This invisible oil has been a life saver for my hair!!!  It is hydrating and soothing, yet doesn’t weigh the hair down.  I put in on the ends of my wet hair and dry as usual.  I have noticed a huge difference in the health of my hair, so much healthier, shiny and less fizzy.

I want to thank each one of you for an amazing year and for supporting me!  I love blogging so much and I love writing about things I love.  It truly is my therapy and happy place.  I love escaping the ridiculous stresses of life and sharing my love for beauty and fashion.

I still can’t believe I have anyone who wants to read what I say or look at what I am doing with my life.  I am so thankful for each and every one of you so much!!!!  Thank you for reading and being apart of my journey.  I hope you have an amazing 2017! :)
rachel barkules