Cozy In All Black

all black

Black Sweater / Frame Denim / Booties, also here (similar) / Rebecca Minkoff Bag / Kendra Scott EarringsSunglasses (similar) / Bite Beauty ‘Vigne’ Lipstick

This sweater is seriously the softest, most comfortable sweater I have ever put on.  Most sweaters are scratchy and uncomfortable, but not this one!  And I love how I can wear it in many different ways.  I also wore this sweater with flare jeans and leopard pumps.

It’s nice to sit here and go thru these pictures from last week.  I’ve been sick for several days and haven’t left my pj’s.  Here’s to hoping I feel better to go trick or treating tomorrow ;)

ps – sorry for all the hair touching, it was very breezy.
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It’ll Be Cold Before You Know It…

winter warm

Hat / Scarf / Mittens / North Face Coat / Black Coat / Sorel Boots / Grey Coat

As the temperatures drop, everything takes a back seat to keeping warm.  If you live in a climate where is gets sub zero you know what I’m talking about ;)  A good coat is so important to surviving the winter.  After living in the Chicago suburbs for 10 years (and surviving 10 winters!) I have learned a few things about what to look for in a winter coat.

  • Long enough to cover my butt (keeps me much warmer!)
  • Must have a hood!
  • Dark color (so it doesn’t look dirty)
  • Has a zipper, and not just buttons
  • Really like the way it looks, because I will be wearing it every. single. day.
  • Invest my money in a quality coat, because it’s worth it

I have picked out a few coats that meet all my requirements.  All of these coats will keep you warm and cozy all winter.  Plus I had to share my other favorite winter must haves to stay warm; boots, scarf, hat and gloves.

Thank you Nordstrom for collaborating with me on this post.

These Boots…

fringe suede booties

Stem Sweater / Madewell Tee / Paige Coated Denim / Sam Edelman Booties (I’m wearing 1/2 size bigger than normal) / Vince Camuto Bag (so similar) / Necklace (similar, obsessed!!) / Sunglasses

I have such a weird story about these boots…  I was at Nordstrom shopping one day about 2 months ago and tried on these boots.  It was very busy that day and Caleb had his fill of shopping.  I was at the end of my patience, so we left… without the boots.

I couldn’t get them out of my mind!!  So the next day I went online to order them and they were sold out! :(  I had to wait an entire month for them to come back in stock.  And even then, they were back ordered.  I ordered them any way, willing to wait another month for them.  But they shipped out and were delivered 3 weeks before the promise date.  I was so excited!!!

When they arrived at my house and I put them on I felt amazing!!  I immediately started strutting around the house watching the fringe bounce around with each step.  These boots can seriously make you feel like a woman (wink, wink)!!

PS- this sweater is so soft and comfortable!!!  I’ve already worn it several times!

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She is My Sunshine

you are my sunshine

Poncho ($38) / Frame Flare Jeans (obsessed! Best fit ever!!) / Bag (old/sold out) similar here, and here, love this, splurge / Booties (so similar) / Hat

My daughter, Sofia, is one of the most amazing people I have ever met!  She has a zest for life and an ability to always see the good in everything.  It is built into her soul to be kind and have compassion to every person who crosses her path.  She is so creative and views the world differently than anyone else.  She has her head in the clouds and her feet not on the ground.  She has a confidence that can’t be faked.  She is always willing to help and share.  She is that person that always sees the glass half full and always has a smile.  She is truly a remarkable person.  I wish as her mother I could take credit for all her amazingness.  But I can’t, she was born this way.  It is truly an honor to be apart of her life.  When she walks into a room, she lights it up.  She is my sunshine!
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Korean Skin Care Routine

korean 10 step skin care regimen

Korean skin care regimens are best known for giving dewy, glowing, radiant, soft, even skin.  Who doesn’t want that?  This intriguing skin care regimen has captured the attention of American women.  And rightfully so!

As a skin care lover and always looking to improve my skin, I dove in head first into the world of K-Beauty skin care!  They have steps and products we have never heard of.  They are most known for their extensive 10 step skin care regimen.

The Regimen:  Korean skin care believes so strongly in prevention, it’s built into the culture to start a healthy skin care regimen at a very young age.  They understand that prevention is much easier than reversal.  Instead of just slapping products on, it’s very important what order and how the products are applied.  Thinner, more watery products go on first.  Then you work your way to the heavier products.  Every step is done is a gentle way, with absolutely no tugging or pulling.  While applying products always use upward motions, to never pull the skin down and create sagging.  Use circular massage motions and pressure points during application, to promote blood flow and tighten facial muscles.

Cleanse:  The regimen begins with a double cleanse.  First with an oil based cleanser then with a foam cleanser.  Using only your finger tips, massage the oil cleanser onto dry skin.  This will gently melt away makeup.  Thoroughly rinse.  Follow with the foam cleanser.  Again, gently massage over skin and rinse thoroughly.  My skin felt extremely clean yet not stripped.

Products Used: Erborain Solid Cleansing Oil + Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Facial Cleanser
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