11 Closet Classics Every Woman Should Own

We all have those pieces in our closet that we can’t live without.  These are timeless, classic pieces that never go out of style.  These are the pieces that you can build an outfit around.  And if you don’t know what to wear, these are your go-to pieces.  I like to spend a little more on my staple pieces in my closet.  Since I will be wearing them more often I want high quality so they last me a long time.  I also purchase these pieces in neutral colors that will match most of my wardrobe.  Neutral colors include: black, navy, army green, blush pink, grey, taupe, ivory, white and camel.

Little Black Dress / Statement Necklace / Handbag / Skinny Jeans / Leather Jacket / Trench Coat / Flats / Crossbody / Sunglasses / Stripe Tee / Pumps

Little Black Dress: Do I need to say anything about this?  Must have for every woman!  Go for something more on the simple side.  This way you can change up the look with your accessories.

Skinny Jeans:  Get these in a dark denim or black, dress them up or down- so versatile.

Stripe Tee: Striped tees have always been in style.  Wear this tee alone with jeans or layer a jacket over.  Or tuck it into your favorite skirt.

Trench Coat / Leather Jacket:  No matter where you live you will at some point need some kind of jacket to layer.  These are both closet staples you will wear again and again.

Pumps:  If I’m not sure what shoe to wear with an outfit, I always grab my black pumps.  You can never go wrong.

Flats: We all need flat shoes for those days we are doing a lot of walking.  And I also believe in having some kind of animal print in your wardrobe.  Why not have it in your flats.  It’s still a neutral, just a little more fun!

Handbag: I always have to have that perfect black handbag that I carry daily.  It has to be big enough to carry all my stuff, but not to big that I look like I’m headed to the airport.  It has to have really nice shape to it and look timeless.

Crossbody/Clutch:  Some crossbody bags are also a clutch, so you can get a 2 in 1.  This is ideal for when you don’t want to carry a big handbag around, or for a nicer occasion.

Statement Necklace:  A statement necklace can take an average look to a wow look.  Having several styles and colors is ideal to match your outfit and mood.  If you can only invest in 1, I suggest getting something with clear stones.  This way it will match everything.

Sunglasses: Sunglasses are both fun and necessary.  I spend more on my staple sunglasses, because they will be around longer and I will wear them the most.  Then I spend less on the trendy, fun sunglasses.

Below I have linked several different options for black handbags, leather jackets and trench coats.  They are all different styles and different price ranges.  Scroll thru and click on the picture to shop.