10 Feet From Julia Roberts

turtleneck dress, over the knee boots

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While I was taking these pictures Julia Roberts was in a restaurant about 10 feet behind me having lunch!!!  We were outside taking pictures for about 20 minutes.  John almost suggested we stop in the Firkin for lunch, because we were all starving and that’s out favorite restaurant.  But didn’t because we has another outfit to shoot and we didn’t want to run out of sunlight.

casual chic

suart wietzman over the knee boots

After I got home my sister in law text me to let me know she just found out that Julia Roberts had lunch at the Firkin, but just left!  I had a total spaz moment and freaked out!  To think Julia Roberts was eating lunch just 10 feet away from where I was standing!!  Kicking myself for not eating lunch there that day!  Which is something we normally do on the weekend after taking photos for the blog.

givenchy, over the knee boots

whitney eve mixed media jacket, givenchy

I mean seriously, Julia Roberts!!  There are few celebrities I would actually freak out over and have an absolute fan girl moment, and she is one of them!  And to think she ate lunch at my favorite restaurant right by my house!

turtleneck dress, over the knee boots

fall winter look

ok, so let’s talk real quick about this outfit.  I posted this picture on IG of me and Jaclyn and I’m wearing this jacket.  I have literally been living in it!  We have been having the mildest weather in history and this jacket has been perfect.  It goes with everything!!  It is very warm, nicely insulated and thick, like a light weight coat.  I could wear this coat when the temps are about 30-55 degrees.  Perfect for milder winter temps!  All the fabrics are sooo soft and comfy to wear.  AND, it’s on sale!  So order it now before it’s gone!!!

rachel barkules, life's candy jar

stuart Weitzman boots, givenchy antigona, bcbg necklace

Whitney Eve Jacket, also available Here | Leith Dress | Stuart Weitzman Boots | Givenchy Antigona Bag | BCBG Necklace | Swarovski Earrings | Bite Beauty ‘Kir Royale’ Lipstick

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