10 Day Advocare Cleanse – Day 3, 4, 5 Review

Days 3, 4 and 5 have all been about the same.  My body is adjusting to the diet and I feel less hungry and shaky.  I am still very bloated.  My hubby says my bloating is less, I don’t agree.  Everyone keeps telling me I need a big poop.  Well, it’s not happening!  On Day 5 I worked out with my personal trainer.  She gave me some suggestions on how to tweak my diet to make me more comfortable.  She thinks it’s possible I’m consuming too much fiber and it’s making me bloated and uncomfortable.  I will be trying those changes on Day 6.

My skin is having a major freak out!  My complexion on my face is blotchy and uneven.  I’m getting black heads and break outs everywhere.  I’ve never seen my skin look this terrible.  My face looks so exhausted and drab!  My eczema on my arms and legs has flared up and has never looked worse.  I’m applying so much oil and heavy creams to it.  We have turned up the house humidity and I’m sleeping with a humidifier pointed at me on high.  Nothing seems to be working!  And yet my hair is excessively oily!  I have dry hair, so this is new.  I wash my hair at night and in the morning my hair is oily.  I have to use so much dry shampoo just to look normal.  Yesterday I was putting laundry away and I turned the corner and saw myself in the mirror.  I did a double take at how horrendous I look.  I seriously didn’t recognize myself!

Oh the exhaustion!  I feel like I’m in my first trimester of pregnancy!  I go to bed before 10 and I’m having a hard time waking up at 8.  I get a burst of energy for about 2-3 hours late morning.  Then it’s back to being exhausted.  I almost fell asleep at dinner one night.

I’ve only lost 2 pounds so far.  I’m feeling very discouraged and I want to give up.  I’m questioning if this is worth it?  All I want is ice cream, cookies and a glass of wine.  I thought I would feel awesome, I’m cleansing!?  I leave for LA in 1 week and I don’t want to look like I crawled out from under a bridge!!  Even though I feel so down about doing it, I’m half way thru and I can’t give up now!  Something inside me won’t allow me to give up, no matter how miserable I am.  I will finish this thing!  I might end up in LA looking like the ugly step sister!

12 thoughts on “10 Day Advocare Cleanse – Day 3, 4, 5 Review

  1. Honestly I’d do it for another day or 2 n stop if you still feel the same. Your body doesn’t seem to happy right now n you could b putting yourself into ketosis or mess with your electrolytes. Just be careful. N have some coconut water to help with electrolytes.

    However I think it’s great that your doing this for your blogger fans. It really shows how dedicated you are. You are awesome

  2. Hey girl stick it in there! As a distributor and having done about 4 of these I know from experience that day 3, 4, & 5 are always the hardest. This is a cleanse so it’s getting rid of a lot of toxins and crap in your body so it’s normal for you to feel sluggish and icky these days. This also explains the breakouts because of the toxin dump. This is very common in this stage of your cleanse – 2lbs in 5 days is really good. Keep up the hard work it only gets easier from here. I look forward to hearing how the next few days go.

  3. You are gorgeous Rachel! You could never be the ugly sister!! It is worth it. Once the toxins come out you will look and feel better than ever!! You can do it! xoxo

  4. Rachel, did you ever complete the 10 days? If so, what are your results? New blog post on this! Pretty please?? :)

  5. I tried the 25day challenge!!! But I had to stop! my skin broke out so bad that I couldn’t handle it- I tried ignoring it but I was beyond crazy and nasty!!! lets just say is been 3weeks since I stopped the product and just last week I had to visit my dermatologist for the 2time and more anti-biotic and creams!!!!!! The pimples were huge and greenish looking all over my body arms face legs and back!!!!! it was nasty!!! the product is amazing but I wouldn’t rec. to anybody who all ready has skin problems bc advocare makes it that much worse

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