5 Reasons to Use Dry Shampoo & Review

how to use dry shampoo

how to use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo really is one of my best friends.  I don’t know how I used to live without it.  There are so many reasons I use dry shampoo, here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. Skip shampoos.  This is probably the most obvious reason.  Using dry shampoo on dirty hair removes the look of oil and makes the hair look fresh and clean.  Allowing you to go another day without shampooing.
  2. Saves lots of time.  You get to skip the whole process of washing, putting in products, then blow drying.  I always save a good 20 minutes!  Time that can be spent doing other things, like extra makeup steps, stopping for your fave latte, or sleep!
  3. Use on clean hair for texture and volume.  Let’s face it, dirty hair is easier to style.  I always like my hair better on the 2nd or 3rd day.  On the day I wash my hair I spray dry shampoo in at the roots for volume and through out my hair for texture.  It gives my hair that grit I need so I can style my hair how I want.
  4. Keeps my hair healthier.  Hair is the most fragile when it’s wet.  By skipping shampoos it saves you from using heat tools on your hair every  day, so your hair stays healthier.  Plus letting all those natural oils sit on your hair is very healthy and hydrating.
  5. For blondes, it is a great way to cover up those dark roots.  I am guilty of never pre-booking my next highlight appointment.  I walk out of the salon and continue on with my life, never thinking about when I should go in next to get them touched up.   Then one day I wake up and my roots went from livable to “oh my gosh I need to get these done today!”  And of course I can’t get in for at least a week.  So in that time I spray dry shampoo that is white on my roots.  It lightens the color a ton and I can make my hair stretch another week.

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Bootcut Jeans are BACK!

ASTR Esther floral print peasant blouse

Top | Jeans | ShoesHat | Similar Bag | Bracelet | Earrings | Similar Sunglasses, Similar for Less

As a more curvy girl with a larger bottom half, I am looooooving that bootcut jeans and flare jeans are back in style!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I still love my skinny jeans.  But I don’t want to show all of my body (especially my bottom half) every single day.

If you have a more curvy body with round butt and hips, wearing a bootcut style jean will balance out your body; making you look more proportionate and slimmer.  Also, wearing tall heels with bootcut jeans gives the illusion your legs are longer than they are.  And just like skinny jeans, you can dress them up or down.  Wear them with a simple t-shirt, a nice blouse or a jacket.
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Cold Shoulder Top & Raw Edge Denim

topshop cold shoulder drape shirt

Frame Denim | Topshop Top | Stuart Weitzman Pumps (old), similar Here | Celine Bag, similar from Gucci, Prada | Earrings | Necklace | Bracelet Set | Sunglasses

Happy Monday!  I’ve been loving all the cold shoulder tops for fall!  All the cold shoulder tops I keep falling in love with sell out so quickly.  So if you see one that you love don’t wait.  It seems that everyone is also in love and they are in short supply.  I just ordered this one and I’ve had this one for weeks and it was just restocked.
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Wear White After Labor Day

Topshop Neo Punched Bomber Jacket

Topshop Jacket | Topshop Tank | Frame Denim | Laurence Dacade Shoes (old), similar Here, Love These | Celine Bag | Hoop Earrings | Bracelet Set | Ring | Chanel Sunglasses, similar Here

The rule “you can’t wear white after Labor Day” is a thing of the past!  White jeans are a staple all year round. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and play with white in all seasons.  I wear white denim and my white handbag the whole year thru. I love them to much to keep them on the shelf!

In this outfit I am wearing several of my ride or dies, must have pieces I wear over and over!  First off, my denim.  Frame denim is my all time favorite!  I own this style in 3 colors for sure (I’m trying to count as I type, it could be 4).  They fit amazing, very flattering and are sooooo comfortable!  If I don’t know what to wear I always grab for my frame denim.

Another amazing piece is my tank.  It’s that basic tank that everyone needs.  My friend Christian introduces me to them.  I bought every color.  My only disappointment is I didn’t find them sooner! :)  I wear them constantly; with nice outfits out, around my house with leggings, or even to bed.  They are perfect!

On to jewelry: These hoops are amazing!  The perfect thickness and size of hoop.  I never thought I was a hoop girl.  But I got these about 6 months ago and wear them constantly!  And lastly, my bracelet set.  I love the look of many bracelets but I never want to take the time to pick them out and put them all on.  Not to mention the up front expense of purchasing tons of bracelets.  This set is perfect!  It’s classic with a little blingy sparkle.  It won’t break the bank and it’s one quick and easy step to put them on.  I have worn these more in the last several months than any of my other bracelets.
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